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Before you purchase a flat, you have to have a title and document search conducted by a competent advocate. You cannot do it yourself. You have to use the services of a competent advocate. It is a professional job to be done with professional assistance.
If you want to purchase a property, you have to look at the approved layout plan, approved building plan, ownership documents, carryout search, etc. Contact an advocate before you purchase a property so that he can advise you.
The liability of paying Stamp Duty is that of the buyer unless there is an agreement to the contrary. Section 30, of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 states the liability for payment of Stamp Duty.
Purchasing a flat on a POA basis is not permitted under the law of the land.
The instruments like Agreement to sell, Conveyance Deed, Exchange of Property, Gift Deed, Partition Deed, Power of Attorney, Settlement and Deed and Transfer of Lease attract Stamp Duty on market value of the property.
Payments are made directly to the vacation rental owner/manager. Since each vacation rental is individually owned and operated, the payment methods and schedules will vary. Typically the owner/manager will require a reservation deposit, then the balance to be paid in one or two payments. Most owners/managers require full rent plus a deposit paid prior to the rental period. Payment methods will vary also, but most will take personal checks. Credit cards or PayPal may also be an option. Before you send any money (even the deposit) we recommend that you ask the owner/manager about their cancellation policies. It is best to have these policies in writing.
Purchasing a flat on a POA basis is not permitted under the law of the land.
POA cannot be converted into anything. Leasehold properties of DDA in Delhi can be converted to freehold, as per provisions.
Cleaning policies vary from property to property. In some cases you will have to clean the property yourself and wash the linens. In other cases, a cleaning staff will come in and clean after you leave. Be sure to ask the owners the check-out policies for the property. Even if cleaning is provided, it is still expected that you leave the property “broom clean”. In other words the cleaning staff generally does not do the dishes and clean up excessive messes.

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